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Easy Street Recruitment

Walking the Talk

At Easy Street Recruitment we are connecting employees and employers with matching skills and goals .

If you are looking to hire or get hired North or South, we’re the agency for you. Contact us today to give your career a head-start in whatever field you’re interested in or to find the employees best suited for your company. Explore our website and give us a call to discuss our unique services now.

Our Current Regional Roles

North and South, have a look at what's on offer


Our current listings in our largest City and beyond

Hamilton, Tauranga and East Coast Vacancies

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Windy Wellington and the West Coast Vacancies


Nelson, Canterbury and Otago


Industry News

We're a small place, but we've got stuff going on...

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'Infrastructure tax' for homeowners in new housing project north of Auckland

November 13, 2018


Petrol below $2 'sign of downward trend'

November 16, 2018


The trench beneath the city: the City Rail Link is taking shape

November 16, 2018


'Deep recession': Australian house prices could fall more than 30 per cent

November 16, 2018

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